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Community Clinic Collaborative Serves over 25 Locations in Community

27 Mar 2023 8:54 AM | Anonymous

The Medical Society of Milwaukee County is a proud supporter of the Milwaukee Free and Community Clinic Collaborative (FC3).  The group represents a coalition of safety-net clinics that provide free and low-cost medical services to those who are uninsured and underinsured in our community.

FC3 is committed to work in collaboration with state, regional and national free clinic associations to participate in leadership and planning, to seek resources and information, and to share experience and ideas.  Clinics in the Coalition are committed to:

  • Share resources, including medications, specialty care, health education, medical supplies and equipment, grant writing, information technology, dental and mental health services.
  • Support each other through information sharing, networking and expanding access points for our patients.
  • Advocate for our uninsured and underinsured patients, not only giving a voice to those those who would otherwise be unheard, but working to improve health care policy that affects these patients.
  • Work to reform the health care system to provide access to care for all, and by practicing what we preach.
  • Promote and educate the community about the scope of services provided by free and community clinics.
  • Speak with a unified voice on behalf of the clinics and the patients served by those clinics.

Interested in learning more?  Visit the list of clinics on the website (link).  Learn how to volunteer at one of the clinics.  Or contact Dr Barbara Horner-Ibler, FC3 Medical Director (email).

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