Morris among panelists seeking to address opioid epidemic at Milwaukee summit

Nearly 250 community leaders from various organizations gathered in Milwaukee Wednesday at a summit to address Milwaukee’s opioid epidemic. Medical Society of Milwaukee member George “Chip” Morris, MD, represented the health care community on a panel that also included experts representing law enforcement, education and the community.

“Let me make this clear, doctors are part of this problem,” said Dr. Morris, who serves as chair of the Society’s Opioid Task Force and is a member of the Medical Society of Milwaukee County. “We own this issue. There are simply too many opioid prescriptions being written. Pain is part of society, and we need to find other non-narcotic ways of dealing with it. Community engagement is crucial in our efforts – educating both doctors and the community.”

The day-long event, Key Influencers Summit: Addressing Milwaukee’s Opioid Epidemic, was hosted by the Drug Enforcement Administration as part of its 360 Strategy and Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America.

Click here to view the agenda and read more about the summit in this WTMJ story.

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