Medical Society Pre-Med Mentor Program Spring Semester Another Success!

The Pre-Med Mentor program has wrapped up for the spring 2015 semester and it’s been another successful year!  New and reoccurring physician mentors (see list below) have dedicated their time to more than 20 hard-working students from UW-Milwaukee and Marquette University. Each student was awarded a unique opportunity to shadow a physician and to see a day in the life of the physician profession. The mentor experience is invaluable and the one-on-one interaction is an amazing tool for students to help navigate their medical career path. The following students and physicians shared their experience with the program to give some personal insight:

Dr. Brian Peterson, who specializes in forensic pathology, has had the opportunity of mentoring a dozen or more students to date. The response from his students has been nothing but positive and as he put it, “The students have been uniformly energetic, inquisitive, and motivated to learn – each has arrived at my office with a list of questions and issues to discuss. They have appreciated the chance to attend autopsies, and about ¾ have expressed an interest in the field post-medical school. Given that forensic pathology is an incredibly underserved subspecialty, and given that many students have not even heard of the field, I do appreciate the medical society sending these students my way; these students are our future!”

The passion for aiding students along in their careers is shared with Dr. Barbara Hummel as well who said, “I have mentored students a number of different years in the past as well as this year.  It is a rewarding experience to know that you may be helping someone make a lifelong decision to become a physician.  I enjoy getting to know the students and interacting with them.”  Included on her list of mentees is UWM’s Alexis Marvin who’s participating in the program for the first time this semester.  She’s grateful to have been able to take part this time around and has been especially pleased with Dr. Hummel’s dedication to her private practice and patients. Alexis has said her experience is one that you just can’t learn in a book.

Attending autopsies, seeing the day-to-day operations of a family practice, shadowing in the operating room and even time management tips for a busy day are all examples of first-hand experiences these students are able to take part in. And this—a personal connection and involvement—is what keeps both parties coming back.

“I strongly believe the pre-med program and their mentors are excellent and deliver high-caliber experiences paralleling the students’ interests. The Medical Society of Milwaukee is a great asset not only for the pre-medical community, but also provides a resource for pre-professional development through the mentor-match process,” said UWM student Carla Eschvese.

As the Medical Society continues to grow we aspire to build more great partnerships between students and physicians such as this!  To sign-up to be a physician mentor for the fall 2015 Pre-Med Mentor Program, contact Mariana Ruiz, administrative assistant, at or Kathy Schmitz, Executive Director, at   

Thank You to Our Spring 2015 Physician Mentors!

The Medical Society of Milwaukee couldn’t be more proud to be partnered with such influential and dedicated physicians. It’s been another successful year for The Pre-Med Mentor program with positive feedback from both physicians and students alike. As one student put it, “being able to see a ‘day-in-the-life’ is just something you can’t learn in a book.”

Thank you to the following mentors for taking the time to enable the physicians of the future to catch a glimpse of the passion each of you hold for bettering the health of the Milwaukee community. We appreciate your participation!

  • Manohar Ahuja, MD
  • Roger Axtell, MD
  • Mark Aschliman, MD
  • Neil Brahmbhatt, DO
  • Archna Eniasivam, MD
  • Mohammad Fareed, MD
  • Matthew Goldblatt, MD
  • Ted Gronski, MD
  • Bill Gross, MD, PhD
  • Jennifer Hadjiev, MD
  • Barbara Hummel, MD
  • Maja Katusic, MD
  • Amanda Kong, MD
  • Brian Linert, MD
  • Andrew Makowski, MD
  • Edith McFadden, MD
  • Marlene Melzer-Lange, MD
  • Amy Moschell, MD
  • Caroline Pace, MD
  • Brian Peterson, MD
  • Aleksandar Rosich, MD
  • Varsha Shah, MD
  • Gary Steven, MD
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