Medical Society of Milwaukee Holds Historic Past President’s Dinner

On October 28, Medical Society of Milwaukee County (MSMC) past Board Presidents – dating back to 1970 – and current board members gathered at the inaugural Past President's Dinner Celebration at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee.  Sharing fond remembrances, 14 MSMC presidents shared many memories during their terms as president including how they helped lead and fund programming for the uninsured and underserved, led Milwaukee’s immunization initiative, and commented on the tremendous responsibility physicians have as medical professionals– their vow to earn their patient’s trust each and every day.  

"As we move forward as a medical society, we want to live into our brand Powered by Physicians and honor the leaders who ensured a solid foundation for our success today,” said Kathy Schmitz, MSMC Executive Director.  “It was such a special and historic evening.  We hope to start a new tradition and make this gathering an annual event."

Dr. Marlene Melzer-Lange, current MSMC President, provided a keynote update on MSMC business activities including the launch of its new brand, Powered by Physicians. Compelled by Community.  Dr. Michelle Graham, board member, provided opening remarks, while Schmitz provided a toast.  Schmitz included remarks from Dr. Robert Pittelkow, MSMC President in 1970 who was unable to attend.  For Dr. Pittelkow, who we understand is MSMC’s oldest living past president, what would his advice be for today’s medical students?  “Enjoy what you’re doing.” 

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