Medical Society of Milwaukee County Announces Award Winners

MILWAUKEE, WI (January 15, 2016) - The Medical Society of Milwaukee County (MSMC) an organization representing nearly 3,500 physicians and medical students across the Milwaukee community, today announced its community impact award winners, selected by MSMC’s board of directors. The winners will be recognized on March 5, 2016 during the society’s annual awards dinner event, taking place this year at Discovery World.

The award categories and winners are:

Dr. Erastus B. Wolcott Distinguished Service Award

As founder of the Medical Society of Milwaukee County, Dr. Erastus B. Wolcott was described as “Eminent in the profession. A lover of humanity. Who delighted to serve.”  This award goes to a recipient who follows in those footsteps. Dr. John R. Raymond, Sr., President and CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin ensures a strong medical college for practicing and future physicians.  Under his guidance today, the Medical College of Wisconsin is addressing Wisconsin’s pending physician shortage through the development of regional medical education campuses, while also training the pharmacists of the future.

Health Care Champion Award

The Health Care Champion Award recognizes an individual who challenges systems, builds partnerships, and champions quality health care in our community. This year’s recipient, Mayor Tom Barrett has, and continues to, champion critical health issues in our community with a passion that quality of life begins with healthy children – leading to healthy families, and ultimately healthy communities. Mayor Barrett’s work leads on issues such as addressing childhood trauma, prescription drug abuse through work with Common Council President Michael Murphy, partnering with mental health/law enforcement and addressing gun violence.  

The Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award recognizes outstanding individuals who make a significant impact in our community and in their own way - champion quality health care for area residents.  This year’s recipient, Will Allen, Founder of Growing Power, improves the quality of life for individuals in our community by providing safe, affordable and healthy food.   In May, 2010, Time Magazine named him as one of the 100 World’s Most Influential People – we’re proud to have Will call Milwaukee home as he influences others to think “fresh.”

Student Leadership Award

The Student Leadership award recognizes a dynamic medical student who excels within and beyond academics to lead critical health care issues important to the community, and who through that leadership serves as an inspiration to fellow medical students. Cecilia Jojola, a medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin, clearly exemplifies this description. She plays a significant role in helping to educate her peers and community members on a breadth of issues including family medicine, spirituality and ethics in medicine, and patient navigators in cancer care. In addition, Cecilia also volunteers on a regular basis at MCW’s Saturday morning free Clinic for the Uninsured.

“These award recipients are true community leaders,” says Kathy Schmitz, Executive Director of the Medical Society of Milwaukee County. “Their accomplishments have improved the quality of life for countless individuals and they’re deeply improving the health of our communities. They are an inspiration to our physicians and in our community. The society is thrilled to recognize and present them with awards at our March 5, 2016 dinner event.”

The society’s annual awards program, this year on March 5 at Discovery World, will give the public an opportunity to join the organization in honoring and recognizing the award recipients. The program will also share more about the Medical Society of Milwaukee County’s work with physicians and in the community.

For more information on this year’s event, contact Kathy Schmitz at 414.475.4750. Sponsorships are still being accepted and individuals may register for the awards dinner via the MSMC website at The deadline to register is February 12, 2016, although this year’s event will sell-out.

About the Medical Society
Established in 1846, the Medical Society of Milwaukee County is an organization of physicians that provides leadership on critical health issues, such as prescription drug safety, to improve the overall health status of the community. We believe physicians have a profound impact on our community, inspiring hope and healing. The Medical Society of Milwaukee County is powered by the wisdom and expertise of its physician members. From families with young children to seniors who have lived generations, the healthcare needs of Milwaukee’s diverse community compel our work at the Medical Society of Milwaukee.

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