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What you do matters. You became a physician for many reasons and sometimes it’s hard to remember those reasons in the midst of billing codes, scheduling, data and technology

Membership in the Medical Society of Milwaukee County offers physicians an oasis in the middle of the daily fast-paced environment to connect with other physicians, find opportunities to grow and give back and to remember why you became a doctor in the first place. We’ll help you live your oath.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for membership in the Medical Society of Milwaukee County, you will also sign up for membership in the Wisconsin Medical Society. The membership application for both is completed via the Wisconsin Medical Society.  There are separate annual dues for each membership, and specific dues information is available as you move through the application process.

What Are the Benefits?

Member benefits include:
  • Professional development, education programming
  • Networking and social programs with physicians representing a diverse range of experience and specialties
  • Leadership opportunities in local, state government as well as the Medical Society of Milwaukee County and Medical Society of Milwaukee Foundation
  • Access to Wisconsin Medical Society and American Medical Association programming
  • Access to key healthcare influencers
  • Recognition award opportunities via Annual Awards Dinner
  • Physician led social-entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Public recognition of newsworthy achievements in medicine
  • Advocacy in the Capitol and the courtroom
  • Physician empowerment and resiliency programming
  • Medical education and professional development
  • Member only discounts on products and services
  • Member only plan insurance plan discounts and enhancements

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Wear Your Pride As a Member As You
Live Your Oath!

If you enroll as a brand new or renewing Medical Society of Milwaukee County member by May 30, 2019, your name will be entered into a drawing to receive a quality, royal blue Crossland fleece jacket featuring our logo on the front. A limited number of fleece jackets will be given away. If you enroll after May 30, 2019 or are not a lucky winner, and as a member you would like to purchase a fleece jacket, we will provide you with a link to purchase this exclusive members-only item.

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Contact the Medical Society of Milwaukee County for more information.

Medical Society of Milwaukee County
P.O. Box 13114, Milwaukee, WI 53213
Phone: 920-560-5637

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