DEA launches pilot program in Milwaukee to address heroin, prescription drug abuse

Medical Society of Milwaukee County (MSMC) member George Morris, MD, participated in a press conference on February 10th announcing Milwaukee as the second Midwest city to pilot the Drug Enforcement Agency’s 360 Degree Strategy. The new program is designed to addresses prescription opioid misuse, heroin abuse and violent crime.

The 360 Degree Strategy’s goals include stopping the deadly cycle of prescription opioid misuse and heroin abuse by eliminating the drug trafficking organizations and gangs fueling violence on the streets and addiction in communities. It relies on partnerships with health care professionals, social service organizations and government service agencies that are best positioned to provide long-term help and support to effectuate drug-free communities. (Click here for more information.)

Dr. Morris, who joined seven other speakers at the press conference including Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, said physicians are "100 percent committed" to addressing this issue. He spoke about the importance of educating physicians about alternatives to opioids, as well as a two-fold approach with physicians and the community—where patients should no longer ask for opioids, but rather for alternatives.

Dr. Morris is a past president of MSMC, and serves as chair of the Wisconsin Medical Society (WMS) Opioid Task Force and Council on Quality and Population Health.

The Medical Society of Milwaukee County is also proud to support the Wisconsin Attorney General’s  Dose of Reality prescription drug abuse public awareness campaign.

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