Milwaukee Pre-Med Mentor Program

Physician Testimonial

"I enjoy the student's enthusiasm and interest in global health. Every physician should have the opportunity to experience the joy and appreciation of being a mentor."


Physician Participation in Pre-Med Mentor Program Continues to Set Records

The spring semester at UW-Milwaukee and Marquette campuses are in full swing. Not only does this mean back to class but also the start of the Medical Society of Milwaukee's Pre-Med Mentor program for the year. We've been so fortunate to have a great number of physicians jump on board and help mentor our physicians of the future the past few years and this semester is no different.

From pediatrics, emergency medicine, cardiology to family medicine there are a variety of specialists ready to share their wealth of knowledge.  We're excited to say that the program is not only thriving but also growing! This past semester 20 physician mentors signed up to participate-some returning and some new faces-and more than 40 students applied.

Thank you to the following physicians for volunteering their time for the 2016 fall academic semester. If you're interested in participating for the Spring semester contact Kathy Schmitz, Executive Director, at 

  • Arthur E. Angove, DO
  • Abedrazik Eisa, MD
  • Ted Gronski, MD
  • Akiko Inoue, DO
  • Maqsood Khan, MD
  • Brian Linert, MD
  • Ben Lipanot, MD
  • Andrew Makowski, MD
  • Marlene Melzer-Lange, MD
  • Shereen Mohis, MD
  • George (Chip) Morris, MD
  • Brian Peterson, MD
  • Danielle Smith, MD
  • Wieslawa Tlomalk, MD
  • David Tompa, DO
  • Batul Valika, MD
  • Ronald Woods, MD

Student Testimonial

"This experience strengthened my desire to pursue a medical education by reaffirming my belief that a career in medicine can result in a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of many people."


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